Kristin Docot

Operations Manager

Kristin is the Operations Manager here at The Finance Group. Her primary responsibility revolves around ensuring seamless and efficient handling of our clients' accounting needs. This involves orchestrating skilled teams, streamlining onboarding processes, and proactively strategizing to anticipate and fulfill future requirements. Kristin leverages technology and financial tasks meticulously to deliver top-tier service that not only satisfies clients but also propels their businesses forward. Kristin holds designations of both CTT and CPA, making her equipped to navigate the complexities of financial management adeptly. Kristin thrives on forging strong client relationships, understanding their unique needs, and offering innovative solutions. She loves the dynamic nature of this position and its positive nature to influence both team dynamics and client outcomes. A fun fact about Kristin is that she has an unbridled love for roller coasters, adding an element of excitement to both work and leisure.

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