Seasoned financial professionals hand-picked to help your business scale

The dedicated team at The Finance Group is here to work alongside you as an extension of your business and support your growth through customized, turnkey, financial services.

Our flexible fractional and outsourced options are adjustable to meet your needs, budget, and schedule allowing us to meet your company where it’s at and continue to assist you as you scale.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified financial professionals

As experienced financial professionals ourselves we have a deep understanding of financial roles and responsibilities. We understand how crucial your accounting team is to the success of your business growth. At The Finance Group, our finance professionals roll up their sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with your organization to implement the financial assistance you need most to generate the results you desire.

Benefits of fractional finance help

Fractional/part-time leaders provide proven expertise, on demand.

Improved decision making

Expertise to gain a deep understanding of your business’s finances
Industry knowledge: Gain insights from leaders who know your market
Vetted leadership to strategize a long-term financial plan, provide support and feedback and align your financial plan to meet your goals.
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Flexibility for your needs and timeline

Immediate relief: Part-time financial experts are ready to start anytime
Available for short-term, long-term, or project-based assignments
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A fraction of the cost of a full-time employee
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Peace of mind

Spend more time on revenue-generating activities and rest assured your financials are handled and all necessary actions are being taken on time and by a dedicated, experienced financial partner.
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Alyssa Huizenga
Director, Business Development
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Get growing with us!

Gain the financial insights into your business to assist with planning your growth
Not sure how you're doing? Where to grow your business? We can help you maximize your profitability
Save money by partnering with The Finance Group to minimize the costs of an in-house finance team and maximize your company resources.

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