Run payroll the easy way.

Managing payroll involves a lot of moving parts, but hiring someone full-time doesn’t always make sense. Our Fractional Payroll Specialists are available on-demand to help set up, manage, and scale your payroll process. You get accurate, on-time, and compliant payroll at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.
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Focus on your business, not payroll.

Whether you are just starting out, well established, or growing rapidly, having a Chief Financial Officer on your team is an invaluable asset. A CFO can offer insights into your business to help you drive effective strategies. 

If you find yourself:

Fractional Payroll Leadership

Get hands-on support for new payroll systems and migrations.
Expert assistance to streamline, set up, or continually manage payroll.
Our payroll specialists ensure compliance with changing regulations.
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Payroll Processing

Offload your entire payroll function and year-end processing.
We take care of all calculations, deductions, and CRA remittances.
Let us handle T4 slips, ROE forms, and vacation accruals
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Director, Business Development
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Get growing with us!

Gain the financial insights into your business to assist with planning your growth
Not sure how you're doing? Where to grow your business? We can help you maximize your profitability
Save money by partnering with The Finance Group to minimize the costs of an in-house finance team and maximize your company resources.

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