5 Reasons You Need a Financial Forecast

May 29, 2023

In order to successfully scale your organization, and navigate unexpected setbacks, you must have a clear understanding of your financial situation. Creating a financial forecast is one way to do this.

This forecast is a financial projection of your company's financial performance over a specific period. It is based off past performance, and if properly executed can serve as a great lens through which you can analyze your company’s performance.

5 reasons why you need a financial forecast:

1. Helps with budgeting and financial projections

By creating a financial forecast, you will have an estimate of your expected revenue and expenses, which can help make informed decisions about your business's financial goals and priorities. For example, if your forecast indicates that you will have a cash shortfall in the upcoming quarter, you can take steps to reduce expenses or increase revenue to avoid a negative impact on your business.

2. Proactive identification of roadblocks

A financial forecast can help you identify potential roadblocks to your financial goals. This means, you’ll be well-equipped with plans to navigate any worst-case scenario roadblocks. For example, if your forecast shows that your revenue growth rate is slower than expected, you can adjust your marketing strategy or pricing to increase sales or consider cutting expenses that may not be a necessity. Automating some of your financial tasks is also useful in identifying and overcoming potential roadblocks. Read more about 5 Financial Tasks to Automate This Quarter here.

3. Prepare for external factors that affect growth

Being able to understand how external factors will impact your business is crucial. Changes in interest rates or shifts in consumer behavior can drastically shift how your business performs. By incorporating these factors into your forecast, you can make informed decisions about how to respond to changes in the marketplace.

4. Provides a basis for performance evaluation

Comparing your actual financial results to your forecasted results can help you evaluate your company's performance. It enables you to identify areas where you've over- or under-performed and make necessary adjustments based on your financial goals. Click here to learn more about Financial Goal Setting.

By regularly comparing your actual results to your forecast, you can also identify trends and patterns in your business's financial performance. This information can help you refine your financial forecast and make more accurate predictions about your future performance.

5. Transparency and communication with stakeholders

Being able to show your stakeholders that you have a clear understanding of your financial situation is a critical step in advancing your business forward. A financial forecast can help you communicate your company's financial performance and goals with stakeholders in an effective and streamlined way.

You will also benefit from the ability to accurately show the potential return on investment for interested investors or lenders. By providing them with a clear picture of your expected revenue and expenses, you can make a more compelling case for why they should invest in your business.

By having insight into financial projections businesses can effectively plan and budget for the future, make informed decisions, evaluate performance, and communicate with stakeholders. By creating a financial forecast, you can gain a better understanding of your company's financial situation and take steps to ensure its long-term success.

Our team at The Finance Group works with organizations across various industries to provide flexible and fractional financial services while providing key financial insights into our client’s organizations. Our outsourced options are adjustable to meet our client’s needs, budget, and schedule. Reach out to us today!

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Director, Business Development
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