How Fractional CFOs Help Raise Capital? 

September 4, 2023

Raising capital requires a number of steps, many of which can benefit from a Fractional CFO (or part-time CFO). From company valuations to meeting with investors and taking care of post-deal paperwork, Fractional CFOs have the financial expertise and insight to help secure funding without the overhead costs of adding personnel.

This article examines how Fractional CFOs can help before, during, and after fundraising.

Before Fundraising

Any company asking for money should expect investors to take a long, hard look at financial projections and performance. Whether it's a Series A funding round, an IPO equity raise, or a secondary issue of shares (FPO), the process to prepare for fundraising is generally the same. Bringing Factional CFOs on board before capital raise ventures will help determine cash needs and the best investors to buy in.  

Perform Internal Reviews

Fractional CFOs will review financial records to assess profitability, revenue growth, and cost management. These records include cash flow statements, gross and net profit margins, income statements, and balance sheets. This analysis will also help identify any red flags potential investors may raise and protective steps to address them.

Find Potential Investors

An experienced Fractional CFO can lean on their contacts and reputation to get your foot in the door. They can also determine the "right" investors. Some venture capitalists are looking for rapid growth, while others want a quick bump in stock prices to sell as soon as their returns are locked in. Either way, Fractional CFOs will help navigate investor expectations and pinpoint the best time to raise capital.

Determine Capital Structure

Another important variable for raising capital is how much to raise and the way it's structured. Fractional CFOs will project future revenue and growth based on financial forecasts to figure out the ideal amount of money to raise. They will also evaluate funding sources and options for debt and equity financing to determine the appropriate capital structure. 

During Fundraising

During the capital raising process, a Fractional CFO works with the founder or CEO in a support role. They know how to prepare for investor meetings and can handle any questions or concerns about financial planning and management of capital funds. Investors tend to feel more confident about a Fractional CFO's due diligence or cash flow projections since it's their area of expertise.

Manage Investor Relations

Fractional CFOs offer credibility and experience to make investors feel like they're making a safe decision. They can represent the company at investor meetings and conferences to address any concerns about financial performance that could raise alarm bells. This keeps the CEO and other managers free to focus on product development and recruitment strategies.

Negotiate Investment Terms

When it's time to set terms for the final deal, a Fractional CFO is usually the point person. They work closely with the executive team and legal counsel during negotiations with investors to ensure the valuation is correct and the deal is fair. A good Fractional CFO will also consider how the deal might impact future raises to avoid any terms that are too short-sighted.  

Allocate Capital Funds

Investors want to know how their money will be used. Fractional CFOs will develop financial strategies and financial models that outline the optimal use of capital based on budgeting priorities and return on investment. Along with satisfying investor requirements, Fractional CFOs advise management on how to allocate funds (e.g., research and development or product distribution).

After Fundraising

The role of a Fractional CFO in fundraising doesn't end when the round closes. Investors will be looking for updates on financial performance to ensure funds are appropriately managed and allocated. This transition will shift the role of a Fractional CFO into financial strategies and cash flow management to support business objectives and future growth. 

Manage Cash Flow

Once money comes in, a Fractional CFO will monitor and manage cash flow to ensure there is enough liquidity to meet short-term obligations. This includes tracking the burn rate to identify when to slow things down or accelerate growth. Fractional CFOs will also use this information to determine when to raise more funds so cash doesn't run out before the next round.

Monitor Financial Performance

Fractional CFOs will analyze financial records to assess performance and identify any areas of concern that require corrective action. These valuable insights are equally important for companies considering going public to raise more capital in the next funding round. The Fractional CFO can determine if there is sufficient financial infrastructure in place to function as a public company.

Send Investor Updates

While often overlooked, regular financial reports are a vital part of building trust with investors and encouraging their continued support. A Fractional CFO's role is to send financial statements and updates on key operational and performance metrics. These include revenues, expenses, and profitability. The reports don't have to be long, but they should be consistent (monthly or quarterly).

Find the Right Fractional CFO

When it comes to finding the right Fractional CFO for venture capital fundraising, consider their previous experience and knowledge of different fundraising methods. Additionally, check if they have worked with similar companies to understand industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

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Director, Business Development
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